Water bores that will sustain
consistent and quality supply.

A superficial aquifer bore is generally the most straightforward bore to drill.

We find the best location within your property and simply drill until we find the superficial aquifer. Usually, we go past the water table and into the deeper end of the aquifer. 

This ensures that the bore will get the permeable materials to provide a steady supply, keeping the bore and pump healthy.

We handle standard superficial bores with ease.

Our in-house team manages and organises the whole project, working with our drillers to get the best results. We trust the team's expertise to find and secure the water supply needed.

We can work with existing systems or install a new pump and irrigation. Our bore drillers and technicians work together to ensure your project is executed to the highest standard.

With a full range of equipment, we will use the method and techniques for the type of soil and depth required for drilling.

We also drill deep bores into the Mirrabooka and Leederville Aquifers, as well as bores into the Perth Hills Fractures.

Standard superficial aquifer bore drilling in Perth.

Superficial bores are simple,
we make them good.

Carefully selected drilling teams

Not all drillers are the same.
We contract the most qualified experts in the field to handle every project from start to finish and get the best possible borehole.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, so we only work with people who do the same.

Experience brings success

We have been operating in Perth and its surroundings long enough to build a vast expertise. Particularly with bore drilling, experience is key for a successful borehole with a lasting water supply.

Our work in the area has made us better at what we do, and we apply that knowledge to every project we undertake.

Quality equipment for quality bores

We invest in high-quality equipment. One of the biggest issues with standard bores in Perth is poor workmanship due to low-quality equipment. That’s why we take such great care to invest in the best and maintain it to a high level.

The bores we drill are built to stand the test of time.

You may not know us yet,
but we can certainly add value.


We are experienced in all areas of engineering and construction of the bore. We offer a premium, professional and hassle-free drilling service for every project.


We are happy to provide an obligation-free consultation to discuss your goals. Every project is different, and we consider your unique needs when planning it.


If required, we can do further work on your new bore, installing a pump and connecting it with your irrigation system, to make getting the water you need even easier.

"BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone."

- Alarna Richards

"Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!"

- Gregg McCumesky

"Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!"

- David Saunders

"Very professional and listened to all my requirements! Thanks again lads for going above and beyond, couldn't be happier!"

- Simon Starling

Frequently Asked Questions

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