Different bores and irrigation needs
require specific water pumps.

At BD Water, we are experienced with the installation of water bore pumps Perth. We suggest the appropriate model and size of the pump based entirely on your property goals and irrigation systems requirements. We don’t stop at the pump installation either, we deal with the peripherals to ensure your required flow is met.

Typically, we carry out pump installation once we have drilled your water bore. However, we are more than happy to install a pump if you have an existing bore.

Whether you have a commercial or residential property, we can lift your existing pump and replace it with the new model, or simply supply and install the new pump.Additionally, we handle bore pump repairs and maintenance.

Bore pumps are trickier than they seem,
we know our way around all the technicalities.

Choosing a suitable pump

Pumps come in all shapes, sizes, motor sizes, electrical wiring types, brands and so much more. It is important for system efficiency and sustainability to choose the appropriate pump for the bore and irrigation needs.

We size pumps on-site and we only install 2 brands of pumps, Lowara and Groundfos, as we found these are the most reliable and quality brands in Australia

Solar water pumps

With solar coming to the fore in Australia, it was only a matter of time before we offered the option of bore pump and solar panel integration.

The solar system will ensure there is plenty of energy to operate your system year-round, in an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way

No matter the current state

We can help you pump your water project, no matter where you are in the process of the installing your irrigation system. We’re happy to kick it off with you or come in and take over halfway through.

Whatever you need, we’re happy to help.

Anyone can put down a pump,
but we have the experience to install them properly.


We employee highly skilled technicians with experience in lifting and installing pumps, and use only the highest quality of materials and pumps.


We are happy to integrate your bore pumps Perth with an existing system or a new system. If you have an existing setup, we’re happy to work with you to finish the job.


We handle the full set-up and installation of your water bore pump Perth, including electrical work and mechanical connections.

"BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone."

- Alarna Richards

"Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!"

- Gregg McCumesky

"Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!"

- David Saunders

"Very professional and listened to all my requirements! Thanks again lads for going above and beyond, couldn't be happier!"

- Simon Starling

Frequently Asked Questions

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