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Our Services

Where quality of work is non-negotiable.

BD Water can take care of the whole process to get your water systems running. From getting you water rights through our Licence Trading services, to getting a hole in the ground with our Bore Drilling experts, to handling any required Bore Services and to our in-house design and build of Irrigation Systems, we have you covered.

Licence trading in Perth, Western Australia for the purchase and sale of water entitlements.

Licence Trading

We can handle your water licence purchase or sale, and advise on your water licensing requirements from DWER.

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Bore drilling Perth in residential areas and Perth Hills.

Bore Drilling

Our drillers are experienced in different bore types, from residential to deeper bores in Perth or in the Hills.

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Bore Services

We can take care of any services your bore requires, from bore pumps and solar power to water meters.

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BD Water offers Installation, maintence and repair of Irrigation and reticulation systems in Perth.

Irrigation Systems

We design and build or repair irrigation systems to meet your water projects and property goals.

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About Us

We are stronger together.

Our team works daily to establish good relationships with everyone around our business. From our suppliers to the end customer, we aim to deliver quality and simplicity in our work.

We are a dynamic team always looking to improve ourselves and develop the business we are building together.

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Water Manager Platform

The only buy & sell platform for water licences in Western Australia.

We are aiming to make the licence trading process in WA simpler and smoother through our Water Manager platform.
We believe this platform will allow you to better manage your water licences and make informed decisions on trading.

Create your Water Manager Account

Use our online Trading Platform to:

  • Manage your water licences.
  • Search for the water resources and listed licences available to your property.
  • List your licence for sale at no cost.
  • Negotiate the trading price freely and anonymously.
  • Get insights on market trading rates and demand for your sub-area.
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Water Manager platform for buying and selling water licenses in WA by BD Water.

Our Customers

What our clients and drillers say about us.

BD Water strives to build relationships that last. And what our people say about us means a lot. We make water simple, and we do that from the first supplier to the final consumer.

Our Partners

We surround ourselves with water, but BD Water is no island.

We appreciate the backing from our partners and suppliers. It is our mutual confidence and the relationship we built that allows us to ensure we deliver the service we set ourselves to.

BD Water is a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association in Perth.
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