Hybrid rigs to get through rock
and drill bores in the Hills.

We understand how to overcome the challenge of Perth Hills water bore drilling. BD Water is experience in Hills drilling.

The changing soil and uneven ground of the Perth Hills make the bore drilling process a different type of job.

We use a selected custom-made hybrid drill rig for each job.

It’s rocky, it’s difficult to drill due to the nature of the soils including fractured rock, which is hard to break through, so we need to use the air hammer type of drilling to get through the tougher parts. The clay and granite require a less abrasive type of drilling.

For these reasons, we use specified hybrid drilling rigs that include Air Hammer and Mud Drilling processes, so that we can get through whatever materials we find.

Uneven topography is par for the course in the Perth Hills. When drilling a Hills water bore, the first step is to find the right site and determine accessibility. The drill rig is a large assembly, mounted on a rigid truck and with a support truck. From there, the rig is set up and drilling can begin.

It’s an unforgiving area, but we have the skill and expertise to deal with it.

Water bore drilling in the Perth Hills specifically hill fractures.

Drilling in the Hills is rocky,
we make it simple.

We don't promise the world

We are very upfront with the challenges of drilling in the Hills and risks involved for all parties. Contact us, and find for yourself.

We deliver as best as possible, and we do everything in our power to find water, but if it physically doesn’t exist – and that is a real possibility – there’s nothing we can do.

Perth Hills water drilling. The best team in the Perth, Western Australia Region.

Applying the right technique

It’s difficult to predict where water is in the majority of soils, but it gets even more complicated when dealing with water bore drilling in the Perth Hills, where we're looking for water in a rock fracture.

Our experienced and highly skilled drillers take soil samples every 2 metres to determine the drilling type and predict water availability.

Custom equipment for the Perth Hills

Due to the inconsistency of materials, it’s necessary to apply different drilling techniques.

We have custom built each drill rig especially to cope with the variety of soils and layers of the Perth Hills water drilling, namely the clays and muds, as well as the rock.

Superficial aquifer bore drilling from BD Water.

You may not find water,
but we will do everything we can.


Not every driller is the same. Drilling is an artform, especially in the Hills. It requires experience and craftsmanship to overcome the challenges of the soils in the Perth Hills.


Our drillers are some of the most experienced in the business and specifically in Hills drilling. Contact us and get the insightful consultation you want.


Our custom rigs are built to swap between processes for different soils efficiently. We are always investing in equipment, to keep on the cutting edge of the industry.

Our Customers

What our clients and drillers say about us.

This is BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Alarna Richards
Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!
Facebook Gregg McCumesky
Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!
Facebook David Saunders
The quality of work was superb as was the customer service, would recommend to one and all, thanks again boys.
Facebook Barratt Liam

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rocks in the soil an issue for bore drilling?

Our rigs are custom built for drilling in all types of surface around Perth.

For the Perth Hills, we have designed and built hybrid rigs, which apply a technique of Mud Rottary drilling for the clays and sandy soils, as well as a Air Hammer process for the rock layers. This ensures the drilling process is as smooth as possible, even in these surfaces.

Can a water bore be installed anywhere?

No, not everywhere is suitable for a water bore. This is particularly relevant in the Perth Hills, where there are no aquifers, but rather rocks and water bodies in their fractures. The drilling technique in these conditions is aiming at intersecting a stream of water in those fractures.

There are certain factors that contribute to a higher chance of finding such water bodies, particularly the altitude of the Hill. Our drillers are experienced in this soil type, and they will happily suggest the better location in your property for the drilling. We are also happy to work in a location of your choice.

Finding water isn't certain, but selecting the best location will increase our odds.

Can I get a water bore if a drilling rig can't access my lawn?

It’s possible to drill in your front yeard or driveway. No lawn access doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to have a water bore installed.

We can discuss the best option for your property and drilling needs during your free consultation.

Can I be sure I will find water?

In the majority of suburbs, we have a good level of confidence. However, there are some exceptions.

A water bore pulls water from an aquifer or groundwater body, so one needs to be physically present in your property. In some cases, particularly in the Hills, one house can have a consistent and plentiful water supply, and the next door neughbour can't find water!

We are happy to discuss this further if you contact us. It’s always best to take steps to ensure your property is suitable before we go any further in the consultation process.

How much is a water bore drill in Perth?

It depends heavily on what you're looking to achieve with the bore and where you're drilling it.

Costing is generally worked out on a per meter basis, which will include drilling the bore, inserting the PVC casing and air developing of the bore until the water is clear of any muds. Our rates vary depending on the type of drilling, bore construction design, equipment required, size of the bore, etc.

Contact us today for a custom quote, obligation-free.

How deep do you have to drill?

Depths can vary greatly depending on the area and target groundwater formation. As a general guideline:

  • In residential and flat areas, Superficial Mud drilling is about 20 - 50 metres. We drill past the water table and into water-producing sands for better water flow and consistency throughout the year.
  • In the Perth Hills and inland, Superficial Granite drilling can go anywhere within 30 - 100 metres and beyond. We are targeting a fracture in the rocks underground, and depths can vary greatly.
  • For Confined Aquifers, the target area can be within the range of 60 - 300 metres, the exact depth will depend on the area the property is in.

If your area is mapped by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, you can get a guide for what depth you should expect for the superficial aquifer. The water maps aren't always correct - we'll be happy to give you insights into drilling in your are that we gather from our drilling jobs in your area.

We can give you an estimate of the expected depth for your bore. Contact us today to discuss your bore.

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