Regulations require bore metering,
we install bore meters to DWER specs.

Most water licences require their bores to be metered.

This legislation allows Department of Water and Environmental Regulation to monitor the water that is abstracted from the aquifers, for environmental control of water levels.

The need for monitoring bore water usage came from the consistent decrease of the water levels in the aquifers that supply households all around Perth.

DWER implemented the water licensing system and is now enforcing it through water meters.

As such, water meters need to be installed with the utmost attention to detail and according to all the guidelines imposed by DWER.

Further, the installation process includes interfacing with DWER to provide informaiton upon installation of the meter, which will assign the meter to a specific water licence.

Once the meter is installed, the licence holder will have to lodge meter readings, usually every year, through an online platform, amongst other ways to log readings. We can also take care of the logging of meter readings and licence usage management.

Water Bore meter being installed by the BD Water team.

Understand the goal of metering to
take advantage of your bore meter.

Water metering regulations

Get a professional water meter installation that will save you of any headaches. We can install the meter to all necessary specs and make sure you're well set for years to come.

BD Water is constantly in contact with DWER, we study their regulations and we understand water licensing.

Water bore meter information for irrigation use in Perth.

Know how much water you use

If you own a water licence and don’t have a bore meter, your water usage is really only an estimate.

The meter on your bore tells you exactly how much water you are using, allowing you to make better estimates of your water needs and better plan your property.

Sell the remaining of your allocation

If you find out that you're using less water than your licence allocation, we can help you trade your water licence.

You can sell a portion of your water licence to someone in the same groundwater sub-area and aquifer. We can help you with the whole process, from finding a buyer to the trade application with DWER.

Water licence management through water bore meters.

You may not want to install a meter,
but you can benefit from it yourself.


On 31 December 2020, all licences larger than 10,000 kL will require, by law, to be metered. In some areas, earlier than that. Get your bore meter sorted in advance.


All our technicians know the exact specs of water bore meter installations according to DWER regulations. We operate from water licence management to bore drilling.


BD Water has a team dedicated to water licensing including licence management and trading. As such, we can handle all the regulatory side of the bore meter.

Our Customers

What our clients and drillers say about us.

This is BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Alarna Richards
Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!
Facebook Gregg McCumesky
Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!
Facebook David Saunders
The quality of work was superb as was the customer service, would recommend to one and all, thanks again boys.
Facebook Barratt Liam

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a water meter installation?

The price of a water meter heavily depends on the size of the pipes and suitability of the bore headworks.

For a standard 50 mm meter supply, installation and handling all the paperwork to be submitted to Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the price varies between $ 1,200 - 1,500 (incl. GST).

How can I install a water meter?

You can do it yourself, or you can call us. Our process of installing a water meter makes it easy for you.

  • We find a water meter of a size suitable for your bore and pipework, and that meets Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's guidelines.
  • We install it to manufacturer and DWER specs, rebuilding your headworks where necessary for compliance.
  • We submit to DWER all the information required upon installing a water meter.
  • We walk you through all your requirements to provide meter readings to DWER according to the legislation in place in your area.
Do I need a bore meter?

In short - yes, if you have a water licence for more than 10,000 kL/a, and want to keep your full allocation (if you're not fully utilising your allocation, licence trading allows you to sell part or your full licence - more info on Licence Trading).

In some cases smaller allocations will also require a meter. Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has / will notify licensees where applicable.

Since 31 December 2020, all licences for 10,000 kL + require meters to have been installed on all drawpoints. If you have not installed a meter yet, please contact us or another provider ASAP.

What are the implications of poor irrigation management?

Water is a valuable resource, and it doesn’t come cheap. If you have an efficient irrigation system, then you’re going to have a more attractive landscape, a more profitable farm, and a low water bill.

Water moves pesticides and fertilisers utilised in your crops into groundwater, which can impacts the safety of the groundwater coming from your bore. This can impact your health, your property and the environment.

Water is limited and the more of it that we use, the less there will be for other uses.

Do you represent the Department of Water?

No. BD Water is a private business and we do not represent the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation. BD Water owns Water Manager, which is also independent from DWER.

All information we provide is our own interpretation of their documentation and if unsure please confirm with DWER directly.

What is water licensing?

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation started regulating the water use in WA because, simply put, we’re taking more water out of the ground than what’s going back in. This results in water levels dropping.


A groundwater licence is one of the ways DWER monitors and manages the amount of water being abstracted.

Water licences allow their holders to take more groundwater that the unlicensed standard amount to irrigate 1/2 an acre (2000 square meters).

More info about the licence management on Water Manager.

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