Who we are

Our team works daily towards establishing good relationships with everyone around our business. From our suppliers to the end customer, we aim to deliver quality and simplicity in our work.

We are a dynamic team always looking to improve ourselves and develop the business we are building together.

Founded in 2009 to bring quality and simplicity to the water services industry, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions regarding anything water and delivering at the highest quality standard.

Those who lay the foundations for BD Water

BD Water offering highest quality service to water industry in Perth.

Barkley Day

general manager

Barkley is the founder and owner of BD Water. He started this business in 2009 as Barkley Day Irrigation, which expanded into bore drilling and water licensing. Barkley takes on the challenge to do more and better in the water services industry each day.

BD Water engineering and construction company bore drilling in Perth.

Maria Trigueiro

licensing manager

Maria manages our water licensing and trading services, and is also a senior partner. She has created and managed the development of Water Manager, our water licensing brand, and the first and only online water trading platform in WA.

The BD Water team located in Perth, Western Australia servicing Perth and surrounding areas.

Andrew Pond

drilling manager

Andrew Pond is a senior partner and he manages our water bore drilling operations, across the different drilling services we provide. Andy wakes up every day to help our clients improve their projects through water.

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Bryce McGhee

services Manager

Bryce is an expert in irrigation and pumping systems. From his experience as a tradesman, he brings a hands-on approach to designing and scoping work across a range of irrigation projects, from smaller to medium farms and commercial properties.

Those who build on BD Water's foundations

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Mick Pianto

Irrigation and pumping Electrician

Mick is a qualified Electrician. With over a decade of experience, Mick works to a high standard, the BD Water Standard. Working with water and irrigation comes naturally to Mick, growing up and learning alongside his father working in irrigation throughout his career.

Based in Perth, BD Water delivers exceptional water services.

Andrew Blake

Irrigation and pumping Electrician

Andrew Blake is a certified electrician, who specialises in the water industry. Andy has years of experience building and maintaining irrigation and bore pumping systems, with a focus on the electrical requirements.

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Joel O'Connor

Irrigation and pumping tradesman

Joel has vast experience in the irrigation space, operating in large commercial properties that require high functioning water systems to prosper. Joel is the site lead for a range of services, not only in reticulation but also in bore pumps and meters installs.

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Rebecca McGrechan

Licensing Coordinator

Bec is learning about the water regulations each day, to help our clients in our licensing consulting and trading services. Owning and living in a Swan Valley horse property herself, she lives knowing how vital water is.

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Jayson Esic

Operations Support

Jayson part of our Operations Support team, focusing on bore drilling and water licensing projects administration and day to day support of our teams and clients.

Our main irrigation and bore pumps tradesman in Perth.

Emma Tugadi

Operations Support

Emma is our Operations Support for the Services team, working on our irrigation and pumping jobs, from helping our teams with scheduling and coordination of jobs, to suppliers management and customer service.

BD Water's account manager for all bores, irrigation and licensing clients in Western Australia.

Mary Day

accounts manager

Mary takes care of all our accounts administration, from transactions to and from clients, to Department of Water and Environmental Regulations, and internally. Mary co-manages her farm property in Gingin and she is involved in the horse community around Perth and Australia.

Our Partners

We surround ourselves with water, but BD Water is no island.

We appreciate the backing from our partners and suppliers. It is our mutual confidence and the relationship we built that allows us to ensure we deliver the service we set ourselves to.

BD Water is a member of the Australian Drilling Industry Association in Perth.

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