Who we are

Our team works daily towards establishing good relationships with everyone around our business. From our suppliers to the end customer, we aim to deliver quality and simplicity in our work.

We are a dynamic team always looking to improve ourselves and develop the business we are building together.

Founded in 2009 to bring quality and simplicity to the water services industry, we pride ourselves on offering the best solutions regarding anything water and delivering at the highest quality standard.

BD Water offering highest quality service to water industry in Perth.

Barkley Day

general manager

Barkley started an irrigation company of 1 employee straight out of high school. He kept the business running side by side with his BSc in Mechanical Engineering degree. From then to now managing BD Water, Barkley has taken on the challenge to do more and better in the water services industry.

The BD Water team located in Perth, Western Australia servicing Perth and surrounding areas.

Andrew Pond

operations manager

Andrew started working for BD Water as a casual employee, taking on irrigation system installations. His passion for the industry grew, and he is now the senior partner responsible for Bore Drilling. Andy Pond wakes up every day to discuss with our clients how we can help improve their projects through water.

BD Water engineering and construction company bore drilling in Perth.

Maria Trigueiro

licensing and marketing manager

Maria started working at BD Water casually, to work on and execute marketing campaigns for water licensing. Her knowledge in the space and continuous learning have allowed her to grow and expand into being responsible for Licence Trading, as well as the marketing efforts and branding for BD Water.

Based in Perth, BD Water delivers exceptional water services.

Andrew Blake

irrigation crew leader

Andrew is an experienced electrician who first decided to join BD Water to incorporate his knowledge and experience into the water space. His work speaks for him. This Andy Blake has taken on the Irrigation Systems operations, building the installations himself and leading our teams of technicians.

Our Partners

We surround ourselves with water, but BD Water is no island.

We appreciate the backing from our partners and suppliers. It is our mutual confidence and the relationship we built that allows us to ensure we deliver the service we set ourselves to.

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