Before building the system to scope,
envisioning and designing the project.

At BD Water, our work starts with an idea of what people want our of their irrigation system. We work side by side with the client to design an irrigation system that will fulfil the property's needs.

After the engineering of reticulation Perth, we tackle the construction of the project, allowing you to keep your farm running, your garden green and your livestock healthy.

Reticulation is an underground watering system. A veritable network of sprinklers to supply water in the cool hours of the morning before the long, dry days of summer begin.

An irrigation system works by simple mechanics and physics.

First, the underground high-pressure PVC pipes transport the water from your bore or the mains to the system. Typically, this network of pipes is deep, so your crop roots are safe.

Then, the solenoid valves allow water to flow to the sprinklers. They are activated from the control box, the system that sets the quantity and interval of water supplied, either manually, or that we can automate for you.

Finally, the sprinklers or other output systems distribute the water, leaving your property green.

With in-house design and build,
we take on the full scope of a project.

Any scope and scale

It doesn’t matter how big or small your the scope of your irrigation Perth is, we’re equipped to handle it. We can fully design the custom reticulation system of your dreams, no matter how challenging your property or idea is.

Integration with different services

Do you want to integrate your irrigation Perth system with other services? Solar, automation or electrical, the reticulation world is your oyster! We don’t just handle the installation of reticulation systems. We can also maintain them.

Efficiency and innovation

At work efficiently. We’re always seeking to update our knowledge and equipment to ensure we’re at the forefront of the industry. That translates when you see the work that we do.

Our Benefits


We are happy to offer our clients a free consultation. This process allows us to understand your needs in order to design a map that will match exactly what you want. When we carry out the project, we use that map to ensure installation matches your expectations.


It’s possible to integrate your reticulation system with an off-grid solar panel as well. This means you can ensure you have the energy required to operate your system all-year-round. Not only will this save you money on your utility bills, but it’s great for the environment!


You can also opt for reticulation system automation. The entire system can be automated so you don’t need to worry about anything. Everything can be scheduled, so you can rest easy knowing everything is operating according to your plan.

"BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone."

- Alarna Richards

"Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!"

- Gregg McCumesky

"Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!"

- David Saunders

"Very professional and listened to all my requirements! Thanks again lads for going above and beyond, couldn't be happier!"

- Simon Starling

Frequently Asked Questions

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