Feed solar energy to your irrigation
for a year-round consistent water supply.

Water systems need to be powered to operate – particularly, the bore pump gets water from the bottom of the bore up to the irrigation supply using electricity.

Power is core to operate water systems. Solar energy water systems have many benefits.

One obvious pro of solar systems is the environmental sustainability. Solar is a truly renewable energy, so your property’s solar panels don’t affect your neighbours’ solar power supply.

In terms of economic feasibility, besides reducing the electricity bills, solar does not require a lot maintenance – once properly installed. So, after the initial investment, your solar set-up should last you several years if well looked after.

Australia has plenty of sunlight throughout the year, so we are in a position to get a lot of usage from a simple solar set-up.

Our experienced technicians are fully prepared to scope the work at your property and provide you with the best, cost-efficient solution for your plans.

Our team works in the engineering and construction of all our systems, so you’ll get our rigorous standard of service at all stages.

Solar panel installation with power to water bore pump.

Join the forces of nature with
combined solar and water systems.

Solutions for your water systems

At BD Water, our main goal is to make water simple. We work to bring water solutions to our clients across our services.

Solar energy is a solution to make self-sustaining and reliable systems, alleviating environmental concerns. That is why we incorporated solar in our water services offering.

Solar energy water bore system from BD Water.

Consistent power in rural areas

For rural areas where the main power supply is at best “on and off”, solar provides a consistent alternative to ensure your property and reticulation system has access to power.

Solar energy can be the solution that powers your irrigation system and keeps your property is prosperous year-round.

Self-sustaining water systems

Solar energy power makes a bore water system in sync with nature. You will only rely on the sun in the sky and the groundwater below us to get your property's water systems running.

From irrigation of crops to house water and electricity, you can get your property to be fully self-sustainable.

Western Australian solar panel installation for bore water.

You may not expect us to service solar energy,
but we make solar and water work together.


Starting with the bore drilling, to the pump installation and solar automation, we are experienced in all areas of engineering and construction of water systems.


We are happy to provide an obligation-free consultation to discuss your goals. Whether you want to expand your solar or build it for the first time, we can help you plan it.


We can help you across all our areas of water services. From licensing, to bore drilling and pump equipping with solar or mains electricity, and irrigation systems.

Our Customers

What our clients and drillers say about us.

This is BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Alarna Richards
Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!
Facebook Gregg McCumesky
Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!
Facebook David Saunders
The quality of work was superb as was the customer service, would recommend to one and all, thanks again boys.
Facebook Barratt Liam

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a consultation and quote?

We offer both of those free. We will offer a quote once we have had time to go through a consultation with you, and in some cases view the property. This will ensure you get the most accurate quote possible. It also provides us with an opportunity to get to know you and your needs.

If the quote cannot be provided without testing your bore or system, we will discuss the costs of these services before doing anything, to ensure you are informed of any costs associated.

What are the implications of poor irrigation management?

Water is a valuable resource, and it doesn’t come cheap. If you have an efficient irrigation system, then you’re going to have a more attractive landscape, a more profitable farm, and a low water bill.

Water moves pesticides and fertilisers utilised in your crops into groundwater, which can impacts the safety of the groundwater coming from your bore. This can impact your health, your property and the environment.

Water is limited and the more of it that we use, the less there will be for other uses.

Is bore water suitable for household use?

The groundwater pulled from a bore is suitable for non-potable use, like washing clothes, irrigating farms, flushing toilets, and washing the car. If it’s your only supply of water, then you will need to carry out annual testing to ensure it’s safe to do so. You should never use bore water to drink, bathe, fill a pool or water edible plants unless it has been tested by a professional body.

I don’t know how my system works, will you demonstrate it to me upon completion?

We will happily provide a complete explanation of the system’s entirety and run all interested parties through the various functions and settings of both the controller and stations subject to it.

A sheet with station information and our contact information will be present on the door of any controller we install for future follow up or query.

What is the process and price to draft an actionable quote for an irrigation system?

An actionable quote is gladly provided upon request, free of any charge.

A service professional will visit and assess the relevant site to:

  • Take water pressure measurements and pump specifications where applicable;
  • Plan potential access runs for necessary services, both pipe-working and electrical, including access for running services beneath hard surfaces;
  • Take head placement measurements and necessary part listings.

This information is then assessed and a quote is put together and sent through for assessment. If the on-site visit requires any work to be completed, likely if the tools are out, there might be a service charge, depending on the service provided. This is always discussed prior to any work being completed and charged.

Once finalised, any quote prices agreed upon will be honoured. In rare circumstances where situations could not be reasonably predicted, surcharges may be discussed, always prior to further action.

Do I need to apply for any licences?

We recommend you contact us directly so we can provide advice specific to your situation, to ensure you are compliant with the legislation applicable to you.

In general;

Most residential bores do not need a licence to be drilled and utilised.

If you are doing any of the following you'll most likely need a groundwater licence to take water:

  • Irrigating more than 1/2 an acre (2,000 square meters)
  • Using the bore for commercial activity (feedlots, agriculture, construction, etc)
  • Looking to utilise a non-superficial aquifer (bores generally deeper than 60 metres)

Another type of licence is a 26D licence to drill a borehole, which you need in case you are:

  • Using the bore for commercial activity
  • Looking to drill into a confined or semi-confined aquifer (bores generally deeper than 60 metres)

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation offers a flow guide as to whether you require a license or not.

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