Systems break, it happens,
we fix and improve them.

We take pride on our unique ability to focus on the specifications of the small issues while keeping sight of the big picture. This allows us to detect issues before they become a problem for you.

Irrigation repairs don't have to be a hassle.

Our team will visit you on-site to determine the damage and scope of required repairs, as well as suggestions for improvements of your current system. From there, we will offer you a quote.

Once we agree on the details, we will commence works to get your system back on its feet.

The water bore pump is essentially the heart of an irrigation system. If the pump breaks down, it is vital that bore pump repairs are tackled at the first sign of trouble.

Failure to maintain or repair systems can result in water wastage or increased electricity usage at a lower end, and it can go as far as burning up the pump's motor, killing the pump itself and causing issues to the bore and installations around it.

BD Water doesn’t just drill bores, install pumps, and design irrigation systems. We are also proud to offer support for current installations, repairs, diagnosis of issues, maintenance, improvements, and bore pump repairs in Perth, too.

Pump repairs perth from the expert team at BD Water Perth.

The small details
make the biggest difference.

Repair and even improve

While everyone else complains about their reticulation systems, you can do something about yours.

You can call us for irrigation systems repairs that will not just repair the issue at hand, but potentially improve performance and efficiency of your water installations.

Pump maintenance perth and repairs.Picture of person getting their bore pump repairs perth from BD Water.

Attention to detail

When repairing damaged installations, every small issue can have a large impact on the system and its performance. So it is important to have an eye for detail, while keeping attention on the big picture.

We handle well repairs with the same attention to detail as every project that we undertake.

We will make it work

No matter the issue, we locate the source of the problem and assess the situation. We carry out the necessary repairs, so long as the current system is recoverable, or suggest new installs to solve the problem.

Our aim is to make necessary repairs and ensure that your irrigation system is working as efficiently as possible.

More than a quick fix,
making sustainable improvement.


Our repairs are efficient. We aim to provide you with a long-lasting solution. We have the knowledge to maintain a system at peak performance for years to come.


We use only the highest quality products to ensure your pump repairs are reliable and high quality. You can rest assure that your system will be pumping.


We’ve been working in the irrigation space for many years. That’s why we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to undertake any repairs you have a need for.

Our Customers

What our clients and drillers say about us.

This is BD Water did a fantastic job. A quote which explained everything, the work carried out in a timely manner and follow up once job was done. Highly recommend them to anyone.
Alarna Richards
Very professional and great attention to detail. Will continue to use in the future, highly recommend you do too!
Facebook Gregg McCumesky
Very professional and the quality of work is A1, I can tell this company is passionate in providing the very best advice and service. So happy to see green green grass again !!!!
Facebook David Saunders
The quality of work was superb as was the customer service, would recommend to one and all, thanks again boys.
Facebook Barratt Liam

Frequently Asked Questions

Every time the system is running, there’s water bubbling up in other areas. What should I do?

It sounds like you may have a broken pipe. This is the most common cause for water leakages and bubbling up.

We can discuss with you this over the phone and repair any issues we find.

The controller looks fine, but it won’t start anything. What do I do?

Your first step should be to ensure the pause or rain function hasn’t been enabled.

You should also check the circuit breaker and override switch.

If you’re connected to mains water you, will need to check the isolating valves.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, we'll be happy to discuss the issue and run a diagnosis and any necessary repairs.

The controller screen is blank. What do I do?

The first step is to ensure it still has power. Plug something else into the same power source to be sure.

If your system is hard-wired, then you will need to check the metre box to ensure a circuit hasn’t tripped or a fuse blown.

If the problem persists, get in touch with us and we will send someone to assess the issue and service your reticulation controller.

How do insurance claims work?

You will have to check with your insurance provider to see if you’re eligible to claim a replacement or repairs. Fusion, due to power surges or lightning strikes, is the most common reason for insurance claims related to water bore pumps in Perth.

We take care of insurance claims as any other job. Our goal is to provide the best possible service and fix your issue in an efficient and effective way. We charge you directly and provide a report so that you can take care of the insurance claim directly with your provider.

Why does my sprinkler system leak water even when the system is off?

If your sprinkler system or a single station continues to run or water pools at the heads while it is not supposed to operate, you could be experiencing one of these two likely scenarios:

  • A zone valve, main valve or both of them are not sealing - this is the most common reason for leakage is debris obstructing the valve membrane or diaphragm, which will require disassembly of the valve, rinse and flush of all components and re-assembly. If components are damaged they will likely require replacement.
  • Low Head Drainage - this will occur at the lowest point in the station layout and can be a sizeable issue if your station is quite large, as water will continue to drain until the pipework is empty. This can be amended with the installation of check valves on affected sprinklers or lateral station piping.
I don’t know where my valves are, and I don’t have an installation diagram. Is it difficult to locate them?

Valve location and wiring faults can be amongst the most challenging tasks in the residential sector.

How difficult it is very much depends on the age and installation standards of the system's original design.

Despite this, there are tools and technologies that our tradesmen are equipped and knowledgeable in, that streamline this process.

Valve location services are charged hourly due to the subjective nature of each system’s individual design.

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