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Whether it be a new design draft and complete system installation or simple pipe repairs during routine maintenance for an existing system, BD water offers a one stop shop for all your residential water supply and automated distribution needs, with your complete customer satisfaction in mind.

Complete Design and new Installation Projects

With ongoing water restrictions, it’s important that you have an effective, efficient and optimised watering scheme. With years of experience between our capable technicians, you can be confident BD water will deliver a flexible design that fits those specifications, while catering to your property’s individual requirements, complete with protective installation solutions for any high traffic areas.  Our chosen product supplies are of the highest quality, predominantly made up of the Hunter™ sprinkler range, recognised as the market leader in sprinkler innovation.

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All residential service work is subject to our competitive $80 hourly rate + GST, with a call-out fee for direct transit to site, capped at 30 minutes. Any new installations or larger repairs can have a free fixed price quote provided upon request. Rest assured that when we commit to a price, we honour it.

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Once the trade is approved the funds are released to the seller and the licence is transferred
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Frequently asked questions

How much does the typical residential reticulation system cost to install

Due to the varied nature of garden and lawn layouts, spray coverage must be custom designed to be effective, the range of parts used and nature of the install itself can also widely vary by individual need, leaving an onsite inspection the only effective method of cost estimation.

What process is involved in drafting an actionable quote

A service professional will visit and assess the relevant site for the purposes of taking water pressure measurements and pump specifications where applicable, plan potential access runs for necessary services, both pipe-working and electrical; including access for running services beneath hard surfaces and lastly head placement measurements and necessary part listings.

How much does it cost to get a quote on my residential property

Actionable quotes are gladly provided upon request, free of any charge, once finalized, any prices agreements will be honoured. In rare circumstances where situations could not be reasonably predicted, surcharges may be discussed prior to further action.

Do I need to be home for a quote to be administered

Although preferable, a quote can be drafted without your presence if there is access to the relevant sites entirety.

How many stations will I need to service my lawn and gardens

The number of outlets a station can effectively provide, and Station numbers required for the completed system are directly proportionate to the water supply available to the site, this is measured in Litres Per Minute (Lpm). If a station exceeds the available water flow, the heads will not operate properly, resulting in coverage issues.

How many stations can a single controller operate

There are a range of designs and makes of controllers across numerous reputable companies that can cater to your properties exact needs. A controller will be selected during design, with necessary elements covered and options presented where budget allows.

What brand of products do you supply and recommend

Although products used may vary across different tasks, Our chosen product supplies are predominantly made up of the Hunter™ sprinkler range, recognized as the market leader in sprinkler innovation, other reputable examples include but are not limited to Toro™, Philmac™ and Weathermatic™.

What hourly rate does BD Water charge for residential service work

Unless otherwise stated prior, all residential service work is subject to our competitive $70 hourly rate + GST, with a proportional call-out fee for direct transit to site, capped at 30 minutes.

Why does my sprinkler system leak water even when the system is off

If your sprinkler system or a single station continues to run or water pools at the heads while it is not supposed to operate, you could be experiencing one of these two likely scenarios: A zone valve, main valve or in some cases even both of these valves are not sealing, the most common reason for leakage is debris obstructing the valve membrane or diaphragm, which will require disassembly of the valve, rinse and flush of all components and re-assembly. If components are damaged they will likely require replacement.

A second cause for more minor leakage and continued pooling after station usage is referred to as Low Head Drainage, this will occur at the lowest point in the station layout and can be a sizable issue if your station is quite large, as water will continue to drain until the pipework is empty, this can be amended with the installation of check valves on affected sprinklers or lateral station piping.

I don’t know how my system works, will you demonstrate it to me upon completion

We will happily provide a complete explanation of the system’s entirety and run all interested parties through the various functions and settings of both the controller and stations subject to it. A sheet with station information and our contact information will be present on the door of any controller we install for future follow up or query.

I don’t know where my valves are, and I don’t have an installation diagram, Is it difficult to locate them

Valve location and wiring faults can be among some of the most challenging of tasks in the residential sector, how difficult very much depends on the age and installation standards of the systems original design. Despite this, there are tools and technologies that our servicemen are equipped with and knowledgeable in that streamline this process. Valve location services are charged hourly due to the subjective nature of each system’s individual design.

Can I maintain my bore during the winter sprinkler ban

Leaving your pump and bore inactive over the entirety of winter is a hazardous corrosion risk, particularly where ones water supply is high in salts or iron. As per Department of Water guidelines, listed below, it is legal to run your bore for one of your allotted watering days for a maximum station run time of 2 minutes.
This is vital to keeping your pump and equipment in serviceable condition.

"Maintenance of garden bores is important and under the legislation a person does not commit an offence if the person operates a reticulation system using domestic bore water to the minimum extent necessary while the system is being installed, maintained, tested and repaired.

The minimum extent necessary is considered to involve limiting testing to a maximum of two minutes per station. Running your reticulation longer than this may be considered watering your garden.

The department recommends that wherever possible, maintenance, repairs and testing are carried out on one of your allocated September to May sprinkler roster days, where applicable and before 9am or after 6pm."