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Specialists in Agricultural Water management

Whether you're after a hundred acre irrigation project or installing an automated watering line to a stockyard trough, BD Water Services have you covered with our in-house engineering team, boasting over a decade of experience within the agricultural irrigation space. BD Water offers to make design and supply of water throughout your rural or farming property headache free; From bore drilling and pump installation, to station lines and travelling irrigators, we provide complete design expertise in water management. All Service work is subject to our competitive $80 hourly rate + GST, with a call-out fee for direct transit to site, capped at 30 minutes. Any new installations or large repairs can have a free fixed price quote provided upon request. Rest assured that when we commit to a price, we will honour it.

Livestock and equine safe water distribution

The Equine & Agricultural space is our specialty and our team at BD Water have years of hands on experience in designing systems with your livestock safety in mind, with a large range of protective installation finishes for high risk and high traffic coverage areas. From centre pivot impact sprinklers, to subterranean gear drive pop ups, we can offer a reliable, low maintenance, water efficient system designed with your absolute customer satisfaction in mind.

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Existing system maintenance

Take the headache out of your existing system by inviting our professional service team to look after your routine maintenance and repairs. Offering complete coverage from pump issues to wiring faults, with an ongoing line of communication, keeping you informed as issues are discovered and resolved.

How it works

Buyers/Sellers list the water licence interest via the form
We advertise your listing via multiple platforms
Pricing is then negotiated between the seller & buyer(s)
The purchase price is then placed in escrow pending Department of Water approval
All required paperwork is filed by BD Water on behalf of both the seller & buyer(s)
Once the trade is approved the funds are released to the seller and the licence is transferred
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Frequently asked questions

How much does a typical automated irrigation system cost to install

Due to the varied nature of a properties watering distribution, spray coverage must be custom designed in order to be effective, the range of parts used and nature of the install itself can also widely vary by individual need, leaving an onsite inspection the only effective method of cost estimation.
Due to the increased watering demand posed by agriculture and livestock watering, a bore water supply will likely be necessary, along with a water license if irrigating land equal or greater than 0.2 ha (half acre).These factors will likely play into the final cost of your system and must be considered before a design can be finalized and presented.

What process is involved in drafting an actionable quote

A service professional will visit and assess the relevant site for the purposes of taking water pressure measurements and pump specifications where applicable, plan potential access runs for necessary services, both pipe-working and electrical; including access for running services beneath hard surfaces and lastly head placement measurements and necessary part listings.

How much does it cost to drill a bore

It depends heavily on what you're looking to achieve with the bore and where you're drilling it.

Costing is generally worked out on a per meter basis, which will include drilling the bore, inserting the PVC casing and air developing of the bore until the water is clear of any muds.

BD Water Rates (inc gst):

  • Superficial Standard 100mm Mud Drilling (most common for residential bores): $110/m
  • Superficial Granite 100mm Hammer Drilling (generally required in the hills): $120/m
  • Confined Aquifer Bores (Mirrabooka & Leederville): $450-550/m

Depths can vary depending on the area:

  • Superficial Mud: 15-50m
  • Superficial Granite: 30-100m
  • Confined Aquifers: 60-200m

If your area is mapped by the Department of Water then you can get a guide for what depth you should expect here: https://maps.water.wa.gov.au/#/webmap/gwm

How do I get a bore drilled

Speak to us!

BD Water have all your water bore needs covered, we can construct Level 1 (superficial) and Level 2 (Confined; Mirrabooka & Leederville) bores.

You can otherwise look to engage a drilling service yourself, unfortunately the quality of work varies greatly in this industry which can easily result in an undesired outcome.

Drilling contractors generally specialise in a particular type of drilling and area where they’re comfortable they’ll get the best results with their experience. That’s why we have multiple different rig set-ups and operators to ensure we can get the very best result in every situation.

Be careful going for the cheapest service provider as this can often result in a disappointing outcome when corners are cut. All our drillers are licensed and some of the very best in the business.

How much does it cost to get a quote on my property

Actionable quotes are gladly provided upon request, free of any charge, once finalized, any prices agreements will be honoured. In rare circumstances where situations could not be reasonably predicted, surcharges may be discussed prior to further action.

Do I need a water licence

Most residential bores do not need a licence to be drilled and utilised.

If you are doing any of the following however you'll most likely need a license:

  • Irrigating more than 1/2 an acre (2000 square meters)
  • Using the bore for commercial requirements (feedlots, construction purposes, etc)
  • Looking to utilise a non-superficial or confined aquifer (bore depths generally need to exceed 60m for this to be a consideration)

Generally a small residential bore does not require licensing, but irrigating large amounts of area or some form of commercial agriculture operation will.

The Department of Water offer a flow guide as to whether you require a license or not: http://www.water.wa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0010/8200/Do-I-need-a-licence-1.pdf

Does the water licence come with the property I’ve purchased

Not by default, no.

Including the water licence as part of the property settlement does not automatically transfer ownership of the allocation into your name. You must notify the Department of Water within 30 days of settling that there has been a change in ownership of the allocation.

If you do not notify them you will risk losing the allocation, to notify you must apply for a Transfer via Form 4T (found here: http://www.water.wa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0014/2624/Form-4T-July-2017.pdf)

A transfer is different from a trade, transfers are when the allocation is staying on the same property just with a change of licence owner. A trade is when the allocation being traded to a different property. 

Can I maintain my bore during the winter sprinkler ban

Leaving your pump and bore inactive over the entirety of winter is a hazardous corrosion risk, particularly where ones water supply is high in salts or iron. As per Department of Water guidelines, listed below, it is legal to run your bore for one of your allotted watering days for a maximum station run time of 2 minutes.
This is vital to keeping your pump and equipment in serviceable condition.

"Maintenance of garden bores is important and under the legislation a person does not commit an offence if the person operates a reticulation system using domestic bore water to the minimum extent necessary while the system is being installed, maintained, tested and repaired.

The minimum extent necessary is considered to involve limiting testing to a maximum of two minutes per station. Running your reticulation longer than this may be considered watering your garden.

The department recommends that wherever possible, maintenance, repairs and testing are carried out on one of your allocated September to May sprinkler roster days, where applicable and before 9am or after 6pm."